Discover CultivateCI

Accelerating the Low Carbon Grain Revolution.

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Discover CultivateCI

Accelerating the Low Carbon Grain Revolution.

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Sustainability is More Than a Buzzword

We unite sustainable farming practices with buyers looking for premium products.

Discover the Future of Farming

With cutting-edge technology and real-time data analysis, farmers can now make informed, field-by-field decisions that result in reduced input costs and increased ecological benefits.

Improve Your Grain Market

With our innovative system, you can attract improved selling prices for your crops based on their reduced environmental impact. By providing buyers with a comprehensive input score through an audit process, you can earn a premium price for your grains.

Maximize Your Profits

How Low Carbon Intensity Scoring Crops Can Boost Your Farm's Bottom Line! By adopting sustainable farming practices, you can attract better bids from grain originators, who are increasingly prioritizing crops with low carbon intensity scores.

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What's the benefit of learning your carbon intensity score?

We score crop production on Carbon Intensity allowing producers to benefit on their sustainable practices. This allows Grain Originators to source grain that consumers are looking for. All parties benefit based on crop production and a transparent system with full traceability.

Difference between Carbon Inset and Offset

Carbon offsetting means reducing carbon emissions in one place to compensate for emissions made elsewhere.

Carbon inset, on the other hand, involves reducing or removing carbon emissions directly from the source.

Why choose CultivateCI?

Choosing CultivateCI means partnering with a forward-thinking company that is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sustainability in agriculture. With our innovative solutions, expertise, and commitment to real impact, we are your trusted ally in achieving your environmental goals.

Innovation and Pioneering Solutions:

  • CultivateCI is at the forefront of innovation in the field of carbon accounting and sustainability. Our first-of-its-kind carbon calculation platform sets a new standard by utilizing multi-source farm data, integrating blockchain technology for traceability, and employing AI for predictive recommendations. With our pioneering solutions, you can stay ahead of the curve and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Accurate and Transparent Results:

  • We understand the importance of accurate carbon accounting and transparent reporting. Our platform ensures precise calculations based on your specific farm practices, enabling you to make verifiable claims of low or reduced carbon crops or livestock. By providing reliable data and transparent results, we help you build trust with consumers, investors, and stakeholders.

Tailored Recommendations and Predictive Analysis:

  • CultivateCI's platform goes beyond simple data collection. It offers tailored, farmer-specific recommendations backed by AI-powered predictive analysis. By leveraging these insights, you can optimize your farming practices, reduce emissions, and improve sustainability performance.

Industry Expertise and Collaboration:

  • With our team of experts and strategic collaborations, we bring deep industry knowledge and experience to the table. We work closely with financial institutions, public companies, and growers to understand their specific needs and provide customized solutions. Our collaborative approach ensures that our platform meets the real-world challenges of the agriculture industry.

Monetization of Sustainable Practices:

  • CultivateCI empowers growers to capture and monetize their sustainable farming practices. By offering accurate carbon accounting and verifiable claims, our platform enables you to access premium markets for low carbon crops. This not only boosts your revenue but also rewards your commitment to sustainability.

Driving Real Impact:

  • We believe in driving tangible, meaningful results for farmers and the sustainability sector as a whole. Our platform aims to go beyond superficial efforts and deliver real impact on the ground. By providing tools for accurate emissions scoring, we help farmers make significant strides towards reducing their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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