FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—Globally Responsible Production (GRP) and CultivateCI: Charting the Course for Sustainable Agriculture

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—Globally Responsible Production (GRP) and CultivateCI: Charting the Course for Sustainable Agriculture



Globally Responsible Production (GRP) and CultivateCI: Charting the Course for Sustainable Agriculture

KANSAS, USA, October 19, 2023—On a quiet morning in Kansas, farmer Ross Plumberg surveyed his recently harvested fields, knowing that this year was different. He didn't just grow corn; he helped cultivate a brighter future for agriculture, thanks to a pioneering initiative that has connected him directly with industry giants.

While sustainably produced grain premiums have captured industry attention, the underlying story is even more compelling. As highlighted in the Forbes article 'Purpose And Sustainability Top The Agenda Ahead Of Climate Week 2023,' GRP and CultivateCI have strategically combined forces, setting the foundation for transformative opportunities in agriculture.

At the heart of this partnership is a steadfast commitment to traceable sustainability. Every grain, every method, and each resource is meticulously accounted for, showcasing the proactive steps taken by farmers like Ross Plumberg towards more responsible farming.

Beyond mere accountability, the initiative is centered around building robust connections. CultivateCI & GRP combined expertise with Indigo Ag and Ag Partners Cooperative to enable a recently announced program that recognizes and rewards farmers for their forward-thinking sustainable practices with deserving premiums.

Ag Partners CEO, Wes Spohr, emphasized the unique value of the partnership, stating, "Being a farmer-owned cooperative, we inherently understand the challenges and aspirations of our innovative producers. Partnering with GRP and CultivateCI amplifies our commitment to highlighting and rewarding their pioneering efforts in sustainable agriculture."

The partnership between GRP and CultivateCI represents a significant stride forward in the realm of sustainable agriculture. By focusing on verifiable farming practices, CI scoring, and a “look forward” process, this collaboration ensures that agricultural processes are not only eco-friendly but also transparent and accountable. For industry leaders, this means a tangible and effective pathway to achieve their emission reduction targets. Moreover, for the conscious consumer, products stemming from this partnership align with their increasing demand for sustainable and trustworthy agricultural products. This alliance, therefore, with scalability as a core tenet, the vision of GRP and CultivateCI goes beyond the fields of Kansas. The blueprint they’ve established stands as a beacon of change, driving the industry towards a better future across North America and beyond.

CultivateCI's CEO, Boyd Koldingnes, commented, "Our collaboration with GRP represents more than a partnership; it's a movement. Together, we're reimagining the agricultural landscape, placing farmers like Ross at the heart of sustainable innovation."

About CultivateCI:

CultivateCI is a market leader in carbon intensity scoring with its pioneering MRV (measurement, reporting and verification) platform which calculates real-time carbon emissions utilizing multi-source farm data. Through predictive AI, CultivateCI empowers producers with the tools they need to reduce their carbon impact and enables producers to market their products based on their fully traceable sustainability credentials. For additional information, please visit

About Globally Responsible Production:

An innovative platform focused on fostering partnerships between rural farmers and urban consumers to ensure a safe, abundant, and sustainable future. GRP emphasizes verifiable farming practices, increasing transparency about the individuals behind those practices, and advancing childhood nutrition through education and a greenhouse initiative. For more information, please visit

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